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Nationals 2022 @ Sentosa Tanjong Beach

Nationals 2022 @ Sentosa Tanjong Beach

We are super excited to be able to organize the both the National Distance Skateboarding Championship (NDSC 2022) and National Longboard Freestyle Dance Championship (Happy Feet 2022) at Sentosa Tanjong Beach on the 29th October 2022, Saturday.

The event is supported by:

  • Singapore Rollersports Federation
  • The International Distance Skateboarding Association
  • International Longboard Dance and Freestyle Federation

Registration for NDSC2022 can be found here.

Registration for Happy Feet 2022 can be found here.

You can also find updates and more details of each competition in the links below.

Updates to NDSC2022

Updates to Happy Feet 2022