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Quarter UltraSkate 2024 - FAQ


1) Car parking facilities
Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any car parking facility within the vicinity for now. Nearest car park facility as mentioned in the registration form is Changi Beach, Car Park 7. You will need to factor in the distance and time taken to get to the race venue from there.

2) What is the minimum/maximum number of people that can join a team?
Very clearly stated in the registration form and race category, minimum 3 and maximum 6 people on a team.

3) Can we use "experimental"/"non commercial" equipment during the race?
We have updated the rules to better reflect the usage of such equipment during the race. Please refer to rule as spelt out in section 3 of the rule and regulations.

4) Can we race without a shirt?
Short answer yes, so long as this does not run afoul with the laws of Singapore. But you will still need to find a way to ensure your bib and race numbers are prominently display on the front.