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Happy Feet 2022 Updates

Participants of this year's Happy Feet 2022 should use this page for latest updates and information about the upcoming competition.

Competition Results

The results have been released. Click the link here to view the results.

Do take note for the Open and Amateur Females, the final scoring is the average score for Round 1 (Preliminary) and 2 (Finals).

For Open and Amateur Males, the final score is only taken for Round 2 (Final Round).

If you are unsure on the results, do contact us and we will get back to you shortly!

Competition Details

Date: 29th October 2022, Saturday
Registration Time: 9.30am - 10am
Event Time: 9.30am - 7pm
Event Venue: Sentosa, Tanjong Beach

Competition Schedule

9.30am to 10am Registration & Warm Up
10am to 12pm Preliminaries for Amateurs Male/Female
12pm - 1pm Preliminaries for Open/Sponsored
1pm to 3pm Lunch, participant to find their own lunch
3pm to 4pm Semi Finals for Dance Freestyle Amateurs
4pm to 4.30pm Best Trick
4.30pm to 5pm Finals for Open/Sponsored
5pm to 6pm Finals for Amateur Male/Female
6pm to 6.30pm Results & Prize Giving

Joining Criteria

1) Amatuer categories are only open to skaters who have skated less than 2 years and are PR or Singaporeans ONLY.

2) Open Category is open to all including foreigners.

3) All participants below the age of 16 (calculated from 29/10/2022) are required to seek parental consent and must get your parent/s or guardian to fill out the parental consent section of this form.

4) The organisers reserved the right to move participants between categories. This decision is final.

5) All sponsored riders regardless of sponsorship by brand or shop, locally or overseas can only participate in the open category. A additional S$10.00 participation fee is required for all sponsored riders.

Competition Categories

Amateur Male All male competitors who have been skating for 2 years or less
Amateur Female All female competitors who have been skating for 2 years or less
Open Any competitor regardless of age can join. Please note all sponsored and foreign skaters are automatically placed in this category.
Best Trick Open to all competitors who have checked this in their registration form.

Each category will have placings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd base on judges scoring.

Please ensure you have valid photo identification ready during registration (IC, Singpass App, Driver's License, etc)

Competition Area


Getting There

Car: For all participants driving a personal vehicle to the race venue parking is available at Tanjong Beach Carpark 2, about 3-5 minutes skate to the competition area.

(Entry fee onto Sentosa is free till 31st Dec 2022)

Grab/Gojek/Taxi: For all participants using rideshare apps or hailing a taxi, request to be dropped of either at Tanjong Beach Carpark 2 or Tanjong Beach Club (120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942)

Walking/Skating/Cycling: We strongly advise against it, but should you wish to walk, skate or cycle to the venue use Google Maps for directions to Tanjong Beach Carpark 2 or Tanjong Beach Club (120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942). Once on the island, the directions to Tanjong Beach are fairly well signposted. 

Staycation: For participants wanting to really live it up, the Capella Singapore & Sofitel Singapore are the two closest hotels to the race venue; book a room, stay the night before, and show up to the start line in your fancy hotel slippers. 


Competition Rules and Regulations

The ruling will be based off ILDFF, also known as International Longboard Dance Freestyle Federation, which is the international independent governing body for the sport of longboard dance freestyle.

The rulebook is accessible on their webpage, https://ildff.com/rulebook/, to provide and fair and transparent ruling and also a common understanding of the rulings to the community.

Feel free to click the link and read through the rulebook if you are unsure on how it is judged.

    Judging Information for Contestants (Click to Expand)

Judging Criteria

A well-executed run shows a good degree of difficulty, variety and aesthetics. These three pillars embody a run in Longboard Dancing and Freestyle. These requirements are judged by the following categories:

 - Degree of difficulty of maneuvers and commitment 

The athlete should maintain control throughout the whole run. How difficult certain tricks and steps are, is taken into account while scoring this category. The athlete should engage the performed tricks with minimal insecurities and instabilities.

 - Variety (dancing, freestyle, manuals, innovative moves) 

An athlete should mix up the different subcategories in a harmonious way. A run should be balanced between dance steps, tricks, manuals and innovative moves. Not mixing up the run will result in a lower score in this category.

 - Aesthetic and personal expression (style of execution, creativity of tricks and routines) 

This is subjective and can be defined as a display of the mastery of the individual tricks executed. Aesthetics and personal expression define an athletes’ run. It sets their runs apart from the other same or alike manoeuvres performed by different athletes.

 - Consistency 

The ability to land tricks, sequences, or lines without bailing and maintaining full control during the whole run of the athlete. At the beginning of each run the consistency score is set to 10. Each missed trick or step will deduct one point of the consistency score.

To finalize the scores per run a flow factor will be applied to an athlete’s run. It is based on how well the competitor puts a run together and rewards or sanctions the smoothness of transitions between tricks and combos. 

The flow factor is a judge’s opportunity to appreciate remarkable runs in terms of flow of the performance. The flow factor acts as a multiplier to the total score with the following options: 

x0.9 - Underperforming multiplier - athlete’s performance does not look harmonious or well connected. 

x1.0 - Standard multiplier - applied as default value. The run is balanced and well connected. 

x1.1 - Outstanding multiplier - exceptionally good flow and transitions throughout the entire run.


Competition Breakdown

The competition stretch will be 80 meters long.

For the Preliminaries and Semi-finals, every participant will have 1 minute to present their dance and freestyle line. Every round there will be two participants going concurrently to showcase their lines. 

The finalist will have their music choice played and will have 1 minute 30 seconds to present their final lines individually.


Nicky - Docksessions Representative

Hi all! I'm Nicky and I've been skating for 3-4 years and I love to do hand tricks so if there are any hand tricks you wanna know; ill be more than happy to show you🤙🏻🤙🏻. Skating is all about fun and games so i hope to see you all at Happy Feet National Championship🙌🏻

Natalie - Longboard Girls Crew Singapore Representative

Hey everyone, I'm Natalie! I've been longboarding for around 9 years. I focus more on longboard freestyle and dance, but I skate freeride and downhill too! I'm also the ambassador for Longboard Girls Crew Singapore. I enjoy exploring different variations of tricks, and I encourage everyone to try different tricks and riding styles to develop their own style. Good luck!!

Ernest - Ernsports Representative


Open Category


1st Place: $150 Cash + Deck + Trucks

2nd Place: $100 Cash + Deck

3rd Place: $50 Cash + Truck + Wheels

4-6th Place: Consolation Prizes

Amateur Category


1st Place: Deck

2nd Place: Trucks

3rd Place: Wheels

4-6th Place: Consolation Prizes

All participants stand a chance to win some goodies at the end of the event as well!


Travelol  @travelol_

Carlo Boards @carloboards

Timber Boards @timberboards

Pepper Boards @pepper_boards 

Odyssey Boards @odysseyboardco

Simple Boards @simplelongboards

Station Trucks @stationskate

Paris Truck Co. @paristruckco

Air Trucks @airtrucks

88 Wheel Co @88wheelco

Lucky Wheels @skate_lucky

Alterbags @alter.bags

Red Dot Running Company @reddotrunningco

Sunday Shades Co. @sundayshadesco

Lululemon SG @lululemonsg

Monster Energy @monsterenergy

Interesting Links to our local community

Looking for training partners? Follow or join the following social accounts and find out where our local communities are holding skate sessions.






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