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NDSC2022 Updates

Participants of this year's National Distance Skateboarding Championship should use this page for latest updates and information about the upcoming race.

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Updated - 5th Oct 2022

Q: Is a helmet mandatory?
A: Do you enjoy your brain? If yes then a helmet is mandatory, if no then a helmet is still mandatory.
Any participant caught without a helmet or without a helmet securely fastened during the race will be removed from the track immediately.

Q: Are other protections like knee guards, elbow guards, etc mandatory?
A: No, the use of additional protection is up to the skater's discretion.

Q: Can I listen to music during the race?
A: Yes you may, however, you are required to still remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Music will only be allowed via headphones, earphones, bone-conduction, etc, no speakers will be permitted. The event takes place early in the morning near residential buildings and we’ll need to keep unnecessary noise to a minimum.

Q: Can I draft the skater in front of me?
A: Yes, however physical contact (eg: pushing, pulling) is prohibited.

Q: How do I overtake a skater?
A: All passing/overtaking must be done on the right-hand side of the skater in front of you.

Q: Help somebody is trying to overtake/pass me!
A: Don’t be a dick, either speed up or keep left.

Q: Can i use (__) board during the race?
A: Yes, as long as it adheres to the following rules:
Board must be structurally sound and not pose a threat to your safety or the safety of other skaters
Board must have exactly four (4) wheels, commercially available and not larger than 150mm in diameter
Trucks must be lean-to-steer
Race officials reserve the right to inspect and/or ban any equipment that may post a safety risk to competitors

Q: Will there be water stations on the route?
A: Yes. However, you are free to bring/carry your own food/hydration during the event

Q: I haven’t received my confirmation email even thought my payment went through! Stop scamming me!
A: Check your spam box

Race Details

Distance: 42km
Discipline: Push/Pump
Date: 29th October 2022, Saturday
Registration Time: 0400hr - 0450hr | 4:00am to 4:50am
Event Time: 0500hr - 0900hr | 5:00am to 9:00am
Event Venue: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
Participation Fee: S$50.00

Race Categories

Open All competitors regardless of age or gender or weight can qualify in the overall (Open) category
Women All female identifying competitors qualify for this category and will be eligible for prizes
Masters All competitors 50 years and above on the 29th October 2022

Each category will have placings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd base on your time completing the course.

Please ensure you have valid photo identification ready during registration (IC, Singpass App, Driver's License, etc)

Race Course

The course is a 1.068km consisting of a loop at each end of the straight road.

Total loops required to complete the entire race is 39.

The course is a left-hand course and participants are required to keep left on the straights and watch for oncoming traffic.

Road closure will be in effect until 9:00am.

Participants unable to complete the 42km distance by 9:00am will be marked DNF and will be required to vacate the track

A overhead truss and timing system will be setup to clock skaters.

Getting There

Car: For all participants driving a personal vehicle to the race venue parking is available at Tanjong Beach Carpark 2, about a minute's walk from the start line.

(Entry fee onto Sentosa is free till 31st Dec 2022)

Grab/Gojek/Taxi: For all participants using rideshare apps or hailing a taxi, request to be dropped of either at Tanjong Beach Carpark 2 or Tanjong Beach Club (120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942)

Walking/Skating/Cycling: We strongly advise against it, but should you wish to walk, skate or cycle to the venue use Google Maps for directions to Tanjong Beach Carpark 2 or Tanjong Beach Club (120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942). Once on the island, the directions to Tanjong Beach are fairly well signposted. 

Staycation: For participants wanting to really live it up, the Capella Singapore & Sofitel Singapore are the two closest hotels to the race venue; book a room, stay the night before, and show up to the start line in your fancy hotel slippers. 

Event Provided Transportation: Depending on demand we may be able to provide transportation via minibus from central pick-up points in the North, West, and East.

Transportation will be free of charge with each bus able to accommodate 13 passengers.

Should you wish to utilise our transports please select your preferred pick-up point from the options presented on the registration form.

Once again, this is dependent on demand and we will deploy the buses if we are able to fill at least half the seats per bus.

Racing Rules and Regulations

Helmets are mandatory for this event and must be worn securely at all times while on the course

Please familiarise yourself with the SkateIDSA rules below:



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