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Skate Til U Drop 2023

Skate Til U Drop 2023

This year, Skate Til U Drop (2023) consist of 2 challenges to be completed by 31st May 2023.
The first challenge, “Park Rangers” is a compulsory challenge and will have you explore our parks around Singapore.
The second challenge is optional and we are collaborating with Skate International Distance and Supercross Association (IDSA) for their May “Warm Up” Challenge. This challenge will have you smashing mad distances for the month of May.

How does it work

Step1: Register for STUD2023 from 28th April to 1st May 2023
Step2: If you are intending to take up IDSA May "Warm Up" Challenge, register for at least a basic membership. Its free for new members. Use the link below:


For more information on the May "Warm Up" Challenge, go to


Step 3: Make sure you follow @thanelife, @longboardacademysg and @theidsa on instagram for more information
Step 4: Take a selfie of you and any of the boards you will be using for the challenge.
Step 5: Start your challenge (for more information see below) and record your skating sessions.
Step 6: Submit your skating session for Park Rangers Challenge when the submission form is available
Step 7: Wait for your stickers and T-shirt to be ready for collection!

Event Information

Registration Date: 28th April 2023 to 1st May 2023
Participation Fee: S$10.00
Event Start Date: 1st May 2023
Event End Date: 31st May 2023

Challenge #1 - Park Rangers

Complete at least a 8km ride in a single skate session around the following parks in any particular order

1) East Coast Park
2) Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
3) Punggol Waterway Park
4) Jurong Lake Gardens

Total Distance Covered: >=32km
Claim your “Park Rangers” T-shirt and sticker upon completing this challenge.
T-shirt and free to be collected at

ThaneLife Longboard Shop
371 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399779

Challenge #2 - IDSA May “Warm Up”

We are delighted to announce that this year, we are partnering with IDSA to incorporate their virtual challenge as part of STUD.

Together with Challenge #1 which must be completed,
You can also attempt the IDSA’s May “Warm Up” Challenge to complete 100km, 200km or 400km within the month of May.

Completing any of the distances in this challenge entitles you to a upgraded “Park Rangers” T-shirt that will include

IDSA logo
The total km you manage to meet at the back of the shirt
100km Skate Addict OR 200km Endurance Master OR 400km Distance Crusher

For more information on IDSA May challenge, please click thru


FAQ - Park Ranger Challenge

Q: Do I have to complete all the parks in 1 day or 1 session

A: No, you only need to make sure you skate at least 8km in each park during the period of May 2023

Q: If I complete 3 parks, do I still get the stickers of the park I completed and T-shirt
A: No, you need to complete the entire Park Rangers challenge to get the Stickers and T-shirt

Q: Can I make up distances at different parks to make up for skating less than 8km at certain parks?
A: No, you need to complete at least 8km or more within a single session. You can take as much time as you need so long as it is recorded in a single session

Q: Do I need a IDSA account to compete in the “Park Rangers” Challenge
A: Nope but you are welcome to register anyway, it is free for new members. See the link provided above.

Q1: Can submit a single session across different parks.
A: Yes you can so long as you skate from one park to another and complete 8km for each park.

FAQ - IDSA May “Warm Up” Challenge

Q: Will the distance accumulated in “Park Rangers” challenge be counted in the Distance Smasher Challenge
A: Yes, Park Rangers is a 32km challenge and you just need to complete another 68km to meet the first 100km in the IDSA May “Warm Up” Challenge.

Q: Does this mean I have to skate all my kilometers at the park to accumulate the distance required for the "Warm up" Challenge
A: No. But you do have to at least complete the 32km for Park Rangers. Then you are free to skate anywhere in the world for the rest of the kilometers.

Q: What if I meet the distances in the May “Warm Up” Challenge but didn’t complete the “Park Rangers” challenge, will i still get the T-shirt and stickers?
A: No sorry. You do however qualify for IDSA’s reward by completing their challenge

Q: Do I have to be a IDSA member to take up this challenge?
A: Yes! Sign up for your free membership with the link given above if you are a new member.

Q: How do I submit my results for this challenge?
A: You will need to follow the instructions on IDSA May "Warm Up" Challenge for this. We will be using the information provided by IDSA to us to determine which upgraded shirt you get.