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Longboard Communities in Singapore

Thinking of longboarding but don't know where to start? Or maybe you have just landed in Singapore and looking for some skating buddies?

Come join our ever growing family of longboards in Singapore. A good place to start will be to first join the Longboard Singapore facebook page. For the ladies, you can also consider joining the Longboard Girls Crew Singapore facebook page.

Join our casual cruise collective whatsapp group and start cruising with people from around the country.

To get all the interest groups going, we have also collaborated with community instructors who have graciously set aside free time to teach and guide skaters new to the different discipline of longboarding.

Basic Longboard Push Clinic

We conduct the Basic Longboard Push Clinic regularly. Please follow us on instagram and check our for announcement via our Insta Story.

Dancing & Freestyle Clinic

We are happy to be able to collaborate with the good folks at Docks Session Singapore to conducts on-going clinics for skaters interested in Freestyle and Dance Longboarding. You can contact or join them on Docks Session Singapore facebook page OR follow them on instagram @DockSessionSG

Freeride, Sliding and Downhilling Workshop

Dsb_sg conducts clinics every Saturday 2pm onwards at different location including Pepys Road, Seah Im and Lorong Sesuai. Contact them on their instagram page - @dsb_sg

 Advance Long Distance Push/Pump (LDP)

 Updates coming soon......

Longboard Academy

Longboard Academy provides lessons for beginners who want to learn how to cruise and dance.

Instagram : @longboardacademysg

Website : longboardacademysg.com

Surfskating Classes and Workshops


Coach Juraimi is a experience surfer and instructor.
Class Duration: 2 hours
Venue: 7 Eleven East Coast Park, Carpark D3 or Kallang Stadium skatepark if raining.
Fee: Starts from $160/pax monthly (4 sessions). Private sessions available, call to enquire.