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The much anticipated Pranayama Cosmic Turtle is now available!

We setup the Pantheon pranayama complete cruiser to be one of the most effortless pusher / cruiser in the market. It's double drop deck (1.3" drop) means you spend less time micro-balancing and more time training to bring your cruising speed up. Plus its a ton of fun.

This cruiser was used by Jeff Vyain who came in first during the 42km LDP marathon in Beijing, so it comes with some pedigree and street cred.

This complete cruiser is optimized with a Paris 149mm TKP (yes! TKP) trucks and 85mm Seismic Speed Vents (Mint) to truly match the seriously cool graphics at the bottom.

There are a lot of small improvements that has gone into the new Pranayama Cosmic Turtle deck that is not visible to the eye, mainly in the manufacturing process that makes it much more durable and fun to ride.

Check out the full review of the Pantheon pranayama here on our site.


Length – 31.375 inches
Wheelbase – 26 inches
Width – 9.25 inches
Drop – 1.3 inch crescent
Profile – Slight Mustache Camber/Rocker
Construction – 6 Ply maple core, 2 x Triaxial Fiberglass