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Travelol has established themselves as one of the most dynamic and exciting brand to hit the longboard freestyle/dance scene in recent years.

This beautifully crafted 44" longboard deck from Travelol is part of why the brand is so strong. With the Place Graphics on it, you will surely stand out from the crowd when you are grooving your moves on this deck.

The deck comes with concave so you always know where the edge is, wheel flares to minimize those nasty wheel bites, double kick tail and slight micro drop for better foot placement without looking down. All these subtle features makes the Place 44" one of the most aesthetically pleasing freestyle deck in the market.

The updated Place introduces deeper concave and more aggressive kicktails for deeper carves and stronger and more reactive pops on every single trick!

With fabric layer at the bottom to compliment the new updated design and allowing more grip on the deck when executing freestyle grab tricks!

Product Specification

Length: 44"
Width: 9.5"
Material: Bamboo + Maple Layup + Fabric Top & Bottom Layer
Wheel Base: 27" / 28"