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The Tortini might just be the greatest thing ever, in all eleven dimensions.

Try one for yourself someday and experience the agility, strength and versatility that makes the Tortini the next addition to freestyle royalty.

Technical Specification
Length    110 cm, 43.31 inch
Width    23 cm, 9.06 inch
Wheelbase    63.9 cm – 70.0 cm, 25.16 inch – 27.56 inch (total of 9 options)


FLEX: Best suited for riders between 30 and 65kg. If you are 70kg this board will have lots of flex.

MEDIUM: Best suited for riders between 50 and 80kg. If you are 50kg, the board will have a stiff and solid feel.

STIFF: Best suited for skaters between 70kg and 100kg. If you’s 70kg you’ll have quite a stiff board and if you’re a 100kg the board has a flexy feel to it.