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The ThaneLife Urban Light is a complete bracket LDP setup made up of the following

Pantheon Bandito 23" Deck
LEPSK8 x ThaneLife Integrated Front TKP Truck 25 degree with Carry Handle
LEPSK8 x ThaneLife Rear Zero Degree Tail
Boa Steel Bearings
Choice of Wheels from 85mm and above

Weighing in at less than 4kg, this is a really lightweight and portable setup. With the carry handle, you can pick it up and trolley it around urban obstacles.

The combination of the integrated front TKP truck and 0 degree torsion tail is stable when pushing and a absolute joy to pump.

Compact, portable and economical, this setup should be part of your quiver!

Technical Specification

Front Truck Degree: 25 Degree
Rear Truck Degree: 0 Degree
Total Length: 89cm
Total Weight: 3.58kg (measured with NothingButFree 90mm Wheels)
Bushings: Barrel in-house 85A on both front and rear truck.