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Since its inception, SuperSteadySkates has never been shy to put out test and prototype components to the local community for feedback. One of the earliest component was an integrated truck and after many iterations and feedback, we are happy to see the release of the SuperSteadySkates Integrated TKP truck - Stride.

Stride is the result of design work and production experience taken from developing the popular Strafe TKP truck and the S-Fork Drop I with the best elements integrated into a single LDP component. This means, you can run your setup level with the Stride and the S-Tail Drop I.

Out of the box, Stride comes with a custom shape boardside bushing and a regular tall barrel bushing with a brand new 83A urethane formula. we tested it and found that the custom shape gives a extra rebound at the end of each lean allowing for more power in each pump. But don't worry, if you still prefer running your regular tall bushings boadside, just remove the custom SSS bushing and replace them, no modification or adapters required.

The entire iTKP truck is made up of solid aluminum CNC to precision.
Each iTKP truck comes with spherical bushings in both the baseplate and hangers to give you that familiar smoothness while pumping and stability when pushing.

Safety is a priority at SuperSteadySkates and to ensure we cater to skaters of all ages and weight class, the Stride comes with a reinforce base and a slight recess to prevent bolts catching on humps and uneven ground.

Stride comes with 3 mounting positions to cater for LDP platforms with a flat front like the Bandito and Exodus. That way, you have the option to vary the wheel size you skate without worrying about deck bites.


Type: Integrated TKP
Degree: 23 Degree
Weight: 690g (without bushings)
Hanger Length: 130mm to 150mm
Pivot: Spherical Bearing
Hanger: Spherical Bearing
Roadside Bushing: SuperSteadySkates Tall Barrel 83a
Boardside Bushing: SuperSteadySkates Custom Tall Bushing 83a