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Station "PINTO" Precision Trucks - Green


*One quantity is a pair (2) of trucks

It is the perfect truck to make the step from 'casting' to 'precision' at a very competitive price.

Our priority when designing this truck, has been to make it durable, quality and accessible to all riders who like longboarding and want to enjoy it every day.

It is not the lightest truck in our catalogue, but it is an all-rounder. 

For riders who love:

Dancing: Excellent     

Downhill: Very Good     

Carving: Excellent     

Freestyle: Excellent     

Freeride: Very Good 


Mechanized technical truck 100% CNC

Aluminum alloy 7075 / 7175 T7351

Weight: 465 gr/unit

Lengt: 180 mm

Set at angles: 50º

Colored baseplates until while supplies last. 

As we like to take care of the environment, our trucks are delivered in a backpack to have the least environmental impact possible. A backpack that you can use in your daily life (measures 34 x 43 cm).