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The Edina is a mash up of the previous made boards paired with plenty innovations, new layup and a well known shape the longboard world loves and keeps copying.
right in between the Platypus with 127cm and the Mini Platypus with 109cm!
The Edina measures 118cm from nose to tail.

The classic asymmetrical shape which got shortened a bit around the waist to fit the length of the Edina, whilst keeping the good things. No wheelbites, tailored waist, Platy-shaped nose, straight tail

Lots of it! The radial concave on the Edina is perfect for flicking flips and stability while throwing down some Peter-Pans or Cross-Steps.
It's noticeable throughout the whole board, starting right after the truck-wholes and mellowing out in the centre.

Chopped Camber
Redesigning the successful camber known from Platypus to fit modern freestyle needs, resulting a very controllable board that supports you during landings and encourages dancing with the extra shot of energy know from classic camber boards.
With the newly developed chopped camber even pumping is possible!

Construction Method/Layup
Changing the 3 layer birch-ply for another 1 layer sheet of bamboo, making it the first full bamboo board in the line-up.
Reinforced with fibreglass and carbon fiber, so the kicks stay stiff while the subtle flex can do it's work in between the wheelbase.

By recalculating the apex point, more reinforcement material are inserted to make the pop really fast and snappy. The new layup ensures stiffer kicks and longer lasting pop, which makes it perfect for high popped tricks.
With the upgraded materials being used, go ahead and stomp flips and tricks without worrying about the durability of the board underneath your feet.

List of improvements
  • full bamboo layup
  • no premade birch - no delam
  • several different kinds of reinforcement material
  • stronger kicks
  • steeper kick angle
  • newly calculated apex point
  • faster pop
  • more durable
  • chopped camber architecture
  • more concave

Length: 118 cm / 46 1/2 ”
Width: 21,5 cm - 23 cm / 8,4" - 9″
Wheelbase: 73,5 cm / 28 3/4″
Kicks: 14 cm / 5,1″
Construction: bamboo, glass, carbon, mahogany.

Light ( < 70 kg )
Medium ( >70 kg )