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The long awaited Megawatt 90mm wheels are finally here from Seismic Skate.
These wheels comes fitted with the brand new Turbine core, engineered from ground up to be lightweight and durable.
Poured using seismic’s record-breaking speed formula, DEFCON.

These 90mm x 58mm wheels have been shop tested to great results in terms of pushing speeds and rebound when distance pumping.

SOLD in sets of 4 wheels.


  • 53mm x 46mm TURBINE hub (NEW!)
  • Bearing seat offset 8.6%
  • 53mm running surface
  • Radiused outside edge, beveled inside edge
11.0 oz. each
  • 74A Mango: Fast, smooth, grippy, and lively underfoot. An optimal balance of properties for most surface conditions.
  • 76A Mint: Ideal for smoother surfaces. Very fast roll with friendlier slide characteristics. Excellent durability.

The TURBINE™ core – NEW!

  • Integrates nearly 20 years of advanced hub R&D.

  • 53mm tall x 46mm wide – the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a wheel this size.

  • Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry – with robust bearing lugs.

  • Eight (8) contoured crossbeams (hollowed-out for lightness and aesthetics) combine with deep, wide “saddle” profile to create robust edge support and ironclad 3D mechanical lock with urethane.

  • Central crossbeams act as internal “turbine blades” that continuously catch and guide Defcon’s superior rolling rebound energy with perfect balance and revolutionary efficiency.  Boosts both speed and e-board range to another level!

  • Stiff saddle walls trap and return lateral wheel flex energy to supercharge rebound out of pumps, carves, and tight corners.