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Suitable for cruising, surfskating, slalom, freestyle and dance.

The 63mm x 45mm Hot Spot is a small, super-agile version of the Seismic Hot Spot 69mm and 76mm Hot Spot shapes.

Molded around Seismic’s advanced Mini-EC hub, it’s a light, quick, do-it-all wheel – ideal for general-purpose cruising, surf-skate, and Tight / Hybrid slalom.

Available in TWO proprietary formulas, with finely-tuned durometer choices.

Defcon™ ultra-high-rebound formula: Guinness WR speed • easy, predictable slide (even on concrete) • long-lasting grip • slow, consistent wear

• 81A Plum: Plush roll with extra grip. Velvety-smooth even on rough surfaces.

• 83A Mango: Fast, smooth, and lively underfoot. An optimal balance of properties for most surface conditions.

• 85A Mint: Ideal for smoother surfaces. Very fast roll with well-balanced grip characteristics. Excellent durability.

BlackOps™: comfortable and predictable on all pavements • exceptional balance of speed and grip • extreme traction fresh • buttery and smooth sliding broken-in

• 84A Red