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62mm tall x 38mm wide CRY BABY Wheels
28mm running surface • Centerset bearing seat • Double-radius profile
3.6 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

A major update on our classic small freeride shape.  We split the difference between the two original Cry Baby sizes and settled on 62mm by 38mm. Then we expanded the urethane formula options and added stonegrinding for easy sliding from the get-go. These Cry Babys perform better than ever! Smooth, predictable slides with great hookup, grip when you need it, and awesome ‘thane lines. Baby bottle and teething ring included… but only on the graphic!

Available in THREE proprietary formulas, with finely-tuned durometer choices.
Defcon™: Guinness WR speed – get up to speed faster! • easy, predictable in-slide feedback • extremely slow, consistent wear
• 80A Mint: super fast roll; exceptionally easy release; ultra-smooth sliding; minimal grip  

Premium Clear™: the best beautiful clear urethane in the world
• 82A Crystal Clear Blue: Smooth-rolling, fast, and grippy when fresh; sugary smooth sliding when broken-in
Elixir™: smooth, predictable slides (even on concrete) • easy release and hookup • supreme control • bright ’thane lines
• 84A Red: Floaty, velvet-smooth slides with bright ’thane lines
• 88A Blue: Slick and chalky-smooth for effortless BIG slides, even at slower speeds

“The consistency is unbelievable – no chop at all, just sugary crisp sliding and slow, even wear,” said Seismic team rider Dre “Grizzly” Nubine. “The slide and hookup at high speeds is perfect.”

“Everything about these wheels is a blast,” added Lamin Cassama. “They’re just the size and shape I’ve been searching for, with an amazingly consistent, controllable slide.”