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The Riptide Speed Lube was developed with the help of long distance specialists - Andrew Andras, Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker. Their ability to quickly recognize and quantify what works and what does not work while enduring literally thousands of miles of pushing pumping & coasting help verify the current formula for the speed lube.

To further perfect this product, riptide worked with the scientist at Mobil to develop two formulations - one for wet conditions and one for dry conditions. They are interchangeable in that they can be used for either wet or dry weather with virtually no downside, but they excel in their specified respective environment. What this means is that temperature has very little effect on how easily the product flows - you can actually store our lube in the freezer and it will still apply with the same flow as it does at room temperature!  The result is this is a very low-viscosity lube that is barely affected by temperature

If your bearings are new or running without any grit in them, just add RipTide Wet or Dry depending on what conditions you expect.  If your bearings are dirty, we suggest removing both the inner and outer shields so you can soak the bearings in kerosene to clean them.  (Use rubber, vinyl or latex gloves while doing this and keep away from any source of ignition or open flame!)  Hold the center of the bearing and spin the outer race both directions while submerged in the kerosene.  Then pull each bearing out individually and drain on a paper towel.  It is best to use compressed air to blow out the excess kerosene but if you don't have a compressor, or a can-of-air that you use for your keyboard, use the paper towel to absorb what you spin out of the bearing by hand.  Also, be sure to clean the shields after the bearings in the kerosene (it will not hurt them like acetone will) as the shields are normally dirtier than the bearings and if not cleaned, they can easily transfer that dirt onto your newly cleaned bearings.  Once the bearings and shields are clean and dry, reinstall the outer shield and add RipTide Speed to the bearings.  Be sure to shake the bottle really well before use to assure even distribution of the dry lubricant, and then spin the bearings in both directions to properly coat them for maximum performance.  Install the inner shield if you like, reassemble your wheels and go skate!