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UPDATE: DH6-X Air is now CE EN966 Air sports certified.
The Predator DH6-X AIR is the lightest production full face on the market.

The new design ensures a wide area of peripheral vision with maximum area of impact protection covered. Compared to previous model, the current model has more protection of the jaw bone and the lower-center area at the back where the spine meets the skull.

The visor is spherical so viewing is optically correct while the operation of the visor is smooth, precise, tight to shell, and won’t require any tools to change it up throughout the day’s weather conditions.

Large front vent prevents visor fogging and the rear oriented ear slots allow for adequate airflow and hearing.

The liner is EPS foam for added wear protection while mesh comfort liner is removable for washing / inspection.

Includes mirror and clear visor which feature interior anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.
Comes with 3 thickness of cheek pads to provide a super tight fit.
The chinstrap is double D-ring and recessed on outside of shell.