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S$499.00 S$587.00

The Pepper Board Totem is a nicely balance board for those who are starting into the freestyle dance longboard genre.

At 44", you get ample deck space to perform all dance tricks while the boards double kicktail gives you ample opportunity to throw in some freestyle tricks in between. Urethane covers both side walls and deck to ensure durability, making the deck waterproof so you can skate in the rain without worries.

Our team paired the board with the Paris V3 trucks so you get the best truck on the market. Bearings from pantheon and of course, the ever popular pee wee 62mm wheel in blue complete the whole out look. Plus we are setting this brand new complete at a unbeatable price while stock last.

Custom Components

Pepper Boards Totem 44" Urethane board fully gripped
Paris V3 Pearl White RKP 180mm trucks
Remember Collective Pee Wee 62mm Blue
Pantheon Steel Bearings
ThaneLife Stainless Steel Hardware