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35.59" Long Garage LDP Pumper / Bracket Board.

For those of us who can't decide between a bracket board or a top mount pumper, here is the Pantheon "Wiggler" Deck.

This longish deck has enough flex when in top-mount pumper configuration that gives you that fun surfy pumping action. And if going hi-speed LDP is your thing, then the slap on some brackets and pump this up to break the sound barrier.

Here are some mounting options for a top-mount pumper

  • Paris V3 150mm 50degree (front) and 150mm 43degree (back)
  • Don't Trip Poppy 55 degree (front) and Poppy 20 degree (back)
  • Exile Hydra 55 degree (front) and Hydra 20 degree (back)

For some super high-speed pump action using brackets, try the G|BOMB DD-S, DT Poppy 45degree (front) and a G-BOMB TTA setup.


  • 80 Grit Laser Cut Griptape
  • Triaxial Fiberglass sandwich
  • 7-ply Maple (Standard Configuration)
  • Rosewood Veneer