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Looing to throw down some freestyle moves while cruising? The Pantheon Freestyle Ember should keep you groovin while you are crusin'.

  • 6-Ply maple with triaxial fiberglass for strength
  • symmetrical board with double kicktail
  • 2-boards in 1, commute or freestyle!
  • brand new logos 2 graphics

For the freestyler in you, we recommend the 65mm to 70mm wheels from remember collective. This setup is great for the kids too as it brings the board lower to the ground.

Chuck the smaller wheels into your bag and switch up to the 92mm Karma wheels when you are done freestyling and preparing to head home!

To extend that lifespan of the kicktail, get seismic skid plates installed!

Don't worry, we are not cramping your style if you still want to get the complete paired with the Paris 149mm TKP trucks and Seismic Speed Vents, Pantheon Karma, 88Wheel McFlys or NothingButFree 85mm Wheels.