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The Mitch Thompson Pro Model is here! This is a race-ready downhill/freeride skateboard that shreds just as hard out of the box as it does after modification. It is fairly low-concave with a spoon nose for ample board feel without being overbearing. This is a great board to shred just as is, or you can set it up to your liking as a near-blank canvas race deck.


Length: 32.125″
Width: 8.45″ front bolts, 8.59″ back bolts, 9″ max width
Wheelbase: 20.125″ – 22.625″


Featuring a bowl in the nose to amplify board feel in an otherwise mellow concave. This allows for increased leverage on the toeside, and the heel will still fall into comfortable concave, so that there is no discomfort if the rider is hanging the heel. You can be all over the front truck on this deck and still be very comfortable.
The rear features a W-concave that starts in the rear 1/3 of the deck and goes all the way through the back. Riders can use this deck with or without a foam wedge in the back comfortably. Using a wedge will form a toe pocket with the W concave for killer board feel and comfortable tucking and sliding with the wedge. Without the wedge, riders will have ample rail feel and use of the W concave.


8 ply maple core. Black dyed triaxial fiberglass top and bottom. Like all Pantheon boards in the current lineup, the entire board is laminated with waterproof resin. While the deck is not entirely waterproof, it is much more weatherproof and warp resistant than many other boards. Downhill stiffness out of the box.


The Mitty Pro was conceived as an ideal board to satisfy downhill riders looking for a slim downhill setup with slalom trucks and fat wheels. GRIP CITY. Still plenty able to freeride, and while some riders are preferring decks like this for mashing big slides down mountains, it truly excels as a race deck. We have been prototyping this shape for nearly a year, and as we were honing in on the concept, bringing Mitch Thompson aboard the Pantheon team, it was clear Mitch would be an awesome outlet as a pro model for this concept. Upon working with Mitch, he was in love with the feel of the board, and we were in love with working with him! We nailed down and tuned the shape to his liking, and here it is in its final form!


Plan to ride the Mitty Pro with slim trucks and fat wheels. You could technically get close to rail matching on a 150mm truck and a slim freeride wheel, but most riders will likely want 130mm trucks or slimmer and a fat wheel like Mitty’s own Pro Model Wheel through 88WheelCo, Venom Magnums, or Seismic Alphas.

This board is equipped with flush mounting so that your trucks mount flat, but we minimize the depth of the cut so that we aren’t cutting away too much of the board and making it weak. Wheel wells are slightly asymmetrical to coincide with how most people will ride this board, with a high degree turning truck in front and a low degree stable truck in back.

When compared to the other pro model decks in the lineup, the Mitty has the most mellow concave and most freedom along the length of the deck. Great for those who are modification inclined, but also rides great out of the box! Just add grip!


Pantheon’s pro model decks have a profit share set up to help fuel this pro rider’s dreams. Each purchase counts toward our goal of supporting pro skaters we believe in.