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Whether you are sliding down a hill or simply putting in some freestyle moves on your longboard, falling on your bum is no fun. Jeans and long pants only offer you so much protection. Road rash on your bum makes trying out those new freeride slides even more difficult.

As the name suggests, the Gain Sleeper Hip/Bum Protectors are the slimmest and most comfortable yet super protective pads to avoid hip and bum injuries.

The SLEEPER’s base is made of super soft, flexible and comfortable moisture wicking Lycra material. Six neoprene covered side panels with built in SlimShieldTM foam inserts take care of the impact protection of the thighs along with three neoprene covered rear panels with the same inserts. Extra mesh material for the naughty bits’ have been included for improved temperature control. The slim and light- weight design has been crafted to offer maximum movement - no restrictions at all. Machine washable with no need to remove foam inserts.

Key features include
-SlimShieldTM foam inserts
-Soft, moisture wicking base
-Slim design, 8mm thick shock foam inserts
-Only 10mm total thickness
-Superb impact protection
-Branded elastic waist band