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The FAST FORWARD Rookie Knee & Elbow Pads Sets are the classic protector pads for all manner of action sports including BMX, Skateboarding, Longboarding, Freestyle Scootering, Freestyle inline skating.

The gear is design so that riders and skaters can straighten their arms and legs fully without the pads placing too much stress and pressure on the forearms / shin area. Made from highly abrasion resistant nylon material, hard shell plastic caps, EVA foam for that extra comfort and good quality elastic straps to ensure long product life.

These pads are cost effective and easy to put on and off so your freeride gloves doesn't hinder adjusting them. The hardshell material allows you to slide smoothly on your knees so you don't damage your clothes underneath.

Available in various sizes to fit all riders and skaters.

You cannot put a price tag on safety, we know. With FAST FORWARD we would like to cater for the needs of beginner to intermediate level riders and for the ones on a budget. Just because you are starting out or can’t afford high end it does not mean that you have to run poor quality pads which do not keep you safe. With the FAST FORWARD product line we offer decent pads with good value and stress/injury free sessions until you get ready for the bigger tricks.

Coming from the creators of GAIN Protection - the experts of action sport specific safety gear.