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Enjoy the lightest LDP rear bracket on the market, at a mere 166 grams (bracket only), and only 304 grams with all pictured parts.

Price includes everything shown: T-Zero Bracket (CNC machined from aerospace aluminum), RipTide WFB 95A Kore insert (compressed to fit axle), axle tube, nylon spacers, washers, grade 8 yellow zinc axle with nyloc nut.

The bracket is clear anodized to protect from corrosion. Bushing recommendations are for a typical length bracket deck with a mid range feel, adjustable to a tighter feel if you get Krank bushings.

If you have a longer deck or you prefer a wide, carving pump, go down a duro. If you want a tight fast stiff pump with a little wheel lift, consider going up a duro.

If you are looking for a smoother pump at the rear, you can consider replacing the center KORE bushing with a spherical bearing.

Each T-ZERO bracket comes with the following

2 x Nylon spacer
4 x Bushing inserts
1 x Riptide WFB 95A Kore insert
2 x Axle spacer
2 x Flat washer for barrel
1 x unlocking screw and nut


1) Pricing does not include Tall Fatcone which you can choose as a purchase option
2) Optionally, you can get us to insert a spherical bearing in place of the KORE bushing. However, we will need at least 36 to 48hrs for the bonding agent to cure.
3) Please note the spherical bearings are not the same size as other popular precision trucks.