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Dont Trip Skateboards CNC Machine Precision Trucks from Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
Their trucks are use for Slalom-LDP-DH-Freeride or any other type of Skateboarding you might be into.

When it comes to LDP and Pumping, you really want the best trucks to pair up with your LDP components. The Don't Trip Poppys have been the go to trucks for years among the LDP community. 

The Poppys comes in a couple of variants. Use the 55 degree truck for top mount or the 45 degree truck to be used with a bracket setup and adjust the degree to suit your push/pump style.

Looking for a smoother and surfy feel to your LDP style? Chose the Spherical bearing version. Otherwise, if you like a more comfortable ride with options to change out the pivot tubes, then chose the pivot tube option for you truck.

Either way, the DT poppys will have you tearing up the asphalt like no other setup.


  • Hangers
  • 125-131-137-143mm
  • Bases 45 or 55Deg
  • Includes RipTide APS Bushings
  • RipTide APS Pivot Tubes
  • Spherical Bearing in Hanger