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The Boa Hatchlings are the perfect complement for your ride. Now improved using our all new V2 Hemotox™ formula, these wheels feature excellent resistance against chunking, ensuring they can handle even the most unforgiving environments. The Hemotox™ formula provides a squishy ride to absorb shocks and vibrations. Don’t let the 83a durometer fool you, these wheels ride like a soft and squishy 78a wheel. Our new Boa Core provides extra grip to the urethane for high speed applications, and features a precision bearing seat, keeping your wheels running true, and running 10g lighter than our V1 wheels.

Measuring 90mm x 60mm with offset core, these wheels offer a perfect amount of grip and ride comfort without a massive reduction in torque for your electric board.

The Hatchlings are also a great wheel for LDP (Long Distance Pushing), with the Hemotox™ formula to provide immense rebound when pumping!