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Here for your FREE IDSA membership?

IDSA x ThaneLife Longboard Shop Brand Partnership

SkateIDSA is the governing body for distance skateboarding and has been instrumental in developing the sport, supporting events and growing skating communities worldwide. By joining IDSA today, you stand to reap the following benefits

  • Entry to Virtual Race & Challenges
  • Members Only Content & Giveaways
  • IDSA Sticker Pack
  • Access To Member only Store

A couple of things we did like you to do before you click through for your FREE basic membership with IDSA.

1. Join our local community chat groups

Firstly, please join our Singapore base cruising and LDP groups that are most active on telegram

Casual Cruise Collective Singapore Telegram Group
Casual Cruise Collective is the group where you can meet up with fellow casual skaters for weekend cruise, trade gear, buy sell stuff and general discussion


Distance LDP Talk Singapore Longboard Telegram Group
Distance LDP Talk is the active group for technical discussion on LDP gear and events in Singapore. If you are considering getting into distance skateboarding then this group is a must join


2. Join our SG Distance Skateboarding Strava Club

Strava connects millions of runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and other active people through the sports they love through the strava mobile app and website

If you are not on strava, please register for an account by scanning or clicking on the QR code below.

Register an Account on Strava | ThaneLife Longboard Shop Singapore

Once you have registered for your account, request to join our SG Long Distance Skateboarding Club.

SG LDP Club | ThaneLife Longboard Shop Singapore

This is the place where we upload our sessions and try and beat each others timings, create competitive segments and clock club mileage.

3. Register for your FREE IDSA basic membership Plan

Finally, click through or scan the QR code below and register for your NEW IDSA membership. Remember, this is only for new members ONLY!

We are glad you are stopping by and we hope you can join us in our journey to develop and grow the sport of distance skateboarding in Asia.