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S$259.00 S$370.00

Long, versatile dancer. Guaranteed to broaden your scope of dancing/freestyle!


Technical Specification
Length    123 cm, 48.4 inch
Width    23 cm, 9.05 inch
Wheelbase    80 cm-83 cm, 31.5 inch-32.7 inch
Kick length    14 cm-15.5 cm, 5.5 inch-6.1 inch


FLEX: Best suited for riders between 30 and 65kg. If you are 70kg this board will have lots of flex.

MEDIUM: Best suited for riders between 50 and 80kg. If you are 50kg, the board will have a stiff and solid feel.

STIFF: Best suited for skaters between 70kg and 100kg. If you’s 70kg you’ll have quite a stiff board and if you’re a 100kg the board has a flexy feel to it.