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Quarter Ultraskate 2024 - About Event

Quarter UltraSkate 2024, Singapore Edition is a 6-hour skate marathon using longboards/skateboards.

This event is open to all Asian and International skaters.

 Date: 25th May 2024, Saturday
Race Time: 8am to 2pm (See schedule page for full schedule)

Changi Exhibition Center
Aviation Park Road


This is a sanctioned event by IDSA with the support from Singapore Rollersports Federation.

Winners will be awarded points as described under the IDSA rules and regulations.

This year, this event will incorporate the National Distance Skateboarding Championship for Singapore skaters as well. Top 3 winners of each individual category will get their names recorded in the national database.

The Course
The course is a loop course of around 850meters. The loop runs around the external road surrounding the exhibition halls. Surface is partly asphalt and concrete.

Quarter Ultraskate longboard Event Course Map

About the Venue

About Quarter Ultraskate Event Singapore venue and location for longboarding

Where to go from here

1) Can't wait to take part in our event, click here to register today

2) View the schedule for the event day here

3) Information on race category, click here

4) Suffering from insomnia? Why not read through the rules and regulations.