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Surfy, responsive, stable ✅
Extreme clearance and height reduction ✅

The Strafe is a brand new take on the precision TKP longboard truck, manufactured by SuperSteadySkates.

The Strafe runs on double tall bushings, which allows endless combinations to your skating style; from super surfy to responsive snapback without losing stability! This make rides super comfy from pumping down long stretches of roads or surfing the streets.

The hanger is designed specifically to extreme clearance, allowing you to mount up to 12mm worth of spacers on traditional fork without any hanger bites. That means making your rides lower than ever  or even running larger wheels at the front whilst leveling out the front and back height of your LDP platform.

The Strafe comes with Riptide tall fatcone bushings 80a roadside and a tall barrel bushing 80a roadside. Kingpin is aircraft grade. This is one of a few TKP truck that takes tall bushings on both roadside and boardside. This allows you to combine a whole array of different bushings shape, sizes and durometer to fine tune the truck to suite your push/pump style.

Smoothness on turns comes from 2 spherical bearings embedded in the hanger seat and the pivot seat on the base plate giving you maximum control when you carve and turn.

Hanger length range is variable from 130mm to 150mm. The truck sits 60mm from axle to the ground with a baseplate thickness of 6mm.


Weight: 415g
Hanger Length: 130mm to 150mm
Degree: 10
Pivot: Spherical Bearing
Roadside Bushing: Riptide Tall Barrel 80a
Boardside Bushing: Riptide Tall Fatcone 80a