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Introducing the S-Tail Drop I, a follow-up to SuperSteadySkates S-Tail. The S-Tail Drop I is a perfect pair to the S-Fork Drop I. With the tail angled almost parallel to the deck, the S-Tail/S-Fork Drop I combination will drop your deck lower and level.

The S-Tail behaves much like a zero-degree truck. It uses a combination of in-built spherical bearing and bushings that allow skaters to control lean and rebound. Its free-form design allows you to experiment with regular or tall bushings to fine-tune the S-Tail to your pumping style. The single tail design will appeal to minimalist who like a clean looking and light weight LDP setup. 

Because the lean on the S-Tail is at the tip of the tail, the S-Tail is super stable when pushing and allows for quick transition into pumps and more importantly sustaining it without de-stablising your board.

The stability of the S-Tail is also a great help for skaters looking to improve their mongo game.

Here is what you get out of the box:

1 x S-Tail with Spherical Bearings
1 x S-Tail Axle
2 x Bushing Spacer
2 x Riptide APS 75a TallCone Bushing
2 x Cone Washer
2 x Barrel Washer
2 x Axel Spacers Long for Regular Bushings
2 x Axle Spacers Short for Tall Bushings
2 x Wheel spacer


Length: 250mm
Weight: 0.357kg
Wheel Option: 115mm - 127mm