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The S-Fork from SuperSteadySkates is a 13-degree raised fork LDP and Distance Skateboarding component.

Use it on your LDP deck to increase the angles of your trucks so you get better pumps. S-Fork comes with different mounting holes that will allow you to either set your trucks closer to the deck for maximum pumping efficiency or vary the distance so you trucks can clear the edge of LDP decks.

Each S-Fork comes with

  • 4 x 1.25" mounting bolts
  • 3 x pair of clear risers (2mm, 4mm and 8mm)
  • 1 x rubber riser (1mm)


Angle: 13 Degree
Total Length: 195mm
Weight: 0.207kg
Mounting Variation (Deck): +/- 7mm
Mounting Variation (Angled): +/- 9.3mm