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Station "FIVE" Cast Trucks - Black


*One quantity is a pair (2) of trucks

Ideal for dancing, carving and freestyle. 

Designed and tested in Spain. FIVE is the fusion of our expertise with CNC trucks and cast technology to deliver with a daring and original design.

FIVE is one of the few (RKP) longboard trucks out there with hollow axles and kingpins

It is a versatile and robust truck. The baseplate is drilled with 6 holes, fully adaptable to any board.

The hanger has an unrivaled lightness and strength  which is achieved by using a concave trapezoid shape and the hollow axle in AISE 404 Cr.

The baseplate has been specially reinforced to resist crashes with curbs.

FIVE can be configured with the Pivot Cups that RipTide has specially designed for STATION. 

The hangers are reversible with a 10mm (0.4") rake. Possibility of mounting with different heights, depending on how we place the hanger.



Material: Aluminium alloy A356.2 with T6 heat treatment.

Hollow axles and Kingpin. Material AISI 404 Cr. (Good corrosion resistance).

Bushings: Hardness 90A (conel+barrel).

Baseplate: 50°.

Hanger length: 178mm (7.01").

Truck height: 64mm (2.52") (hanger skull position).

Truck height: 59mm (2.32") (hanger 5 position).

Weight: 455 gr (16.05 oz)  (hanger + baseplate)

Rake: 10mm (0.4").