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If you’re sick of your foot slipping off your board or your footstop being too restrictive, you know what to get - the SLAB spins to smoothly follow your movements!

Thanks to 3 delrin spacers the SLAB spins to follow even the tiniest movements of your foot 👟 Additionally, these spacers allow for adjustable height.

The SLAB is made of urethane which provides a soft surface for your foot to push against and that makes it extremely comfortable to ride.

The package comes with

  • Slab Footstop
  • 1.75" Bolt & Nut
  • Tiny washer
  • 3 Delrin disks
  • RipTide Sticker

The longer bolt and 3 delrin disks allow you to edit the height of the footstop off your board for foot comfort.