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The Pantheon Chase Hiller Pro "Chaisy" deck design is truly one-of-a-kind. Riders don’t necessarily have to recognize all the features; the board just has to feel good! But we are going to tell you what they are, because they’re cool and unique.

First, we flared the front wheel wells and combined the flare with a crescent drop so that there’s plenty of wheel clearance despite this deck having a 3/8″ micro drop, which is quite rare. Furthermore, we brought in the truck mounting area really tightly into the drop with an angled flush mount to the tune of a positive 3 degrees. This angled flush gives the board some directionality and also uniquely fixes the issue of the deck potentially having a weak spot in this area, because the angled flush actually takes less plies away. We also 3D shaped the wheel wells so that they’re thinnest toward the edges of the board, where the bite would form, and there’s a little more meat near the flush mount. We’ve seen decks break by combining deep flush with deep 2-dimensionally projected wheel wells, and this was our answer to that problem. Chase has absolutely manhandled these boards, and they’re staying strong.

Next, we added a unique mustache rocker design. Because the deck’s platform is quite tight (we’re fitting everything into a 22.75″ wheelbase between two microdrops, after all), it has pretty obvious positions where your feet will go. Separating with a funky camber in the center with microdrops on either side is like sticking your feet into bindings. You are going to be really locked in on this board!

Something that we did that was really interesting with this board that riders may never notice is how we draw the W-concave out of the peak of the camber in the center. The rear foot platform drops down out of the center camber, and as that “bucket’ drops down, the rear W concave forms by keeping the peak height of the camber uniform. The end result is that the W-concave, although clearly formed in the back of the board, seems to sort of appear out of nowhere. Some riders might just say, “cool,” and leave it at that. But for riders pushing mongo-style off the line (rear foot is balance foot), this uniformity in the center is far less awkward than most W-concaves, which can really throw riders off balance at times. So there actually is some functional design element here!

The side rails of the Chaisy look super wild, but not only do they look cool, they also increase concave where it is useful, and decrease concave where it is useful to have lower concave. So your rear toe has a functional drop to push on, a W-concave, and also a flatter rail on the toe side, which all meld together into a platform that keeps your foot really solid and your board under control. This is the same for the front, but opposite. Your front outside of your foot will be locked in on the backside of a curved drop, the inside of your forefoot has plenty of concave for toe side turning leverage, and the heel concave drops down into something a little more mellow and comfortable, so that when you’re making those heel side turns and slides, you’re making full contact with the board and your foot is staying put.

Finally, the whole rear end swoops up into a kicktail. Yes, you have a functional, ollieable kicktail on this race-worthy board. You can travel with this board and race it down a hill, and then putz around in the streets later that night as you’re bar-hopping or doing whatever it is that you do when you’re putzing.

TLDR: Just get the board and you will be happy with it.


Deck Length: 36.90"
Deck Width: Varies depending on foot position 9.32", 9.44", 9.04"
Wheelbase options: 22.75" - 23.75"