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Designed and torture tested in the environment of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Washington based Omen Boards are built with one idea in mind — producing state-of-the-art of cruisers, skateboards, longboards and downhill and freeride decks.

The Omen Man-O-War Dance complete longboard comes with a symmetrical double kick tail 48" long deck, 50 degree reverse kingpin trucks, Omen wheels and bearings at a economically priced package.

This setup is a perfect first complete longboard if you are into freestyle and dance.


Deck: L48" x W:9.5”
Wheel Base: 32.5"
Shape: Subtle Rocker & Concave | Twin Tipped Freestyle Kicks
Trucks: Omen Original RKP Trucks
Bearings: Omen Original Skate Bearings
Wheels: Omen 65mm Wheels