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Create a whirlwind of stylish tricks with the Hurricane longboard. We've reinforced this beauty with premium-grade triaxial fiberglass used in cars. You'll be riding a beast of a longboard. A crisp pop for freestyle tricks and a long platform for your dance moves - what's there not to love?

Designed in collaboration with Singaporean artist Tobyato.

Deck Material: Triaxle Fiberglass, Vertically Laminated Bamboo,

Canadian Maple

Length: 46"

Width: 9.25"

Why Paris V3 Trucks

The 50° Paris V3 is everything a longboard truck should be—playful, lively, smooth, and strong. Unbelievably strong. Paris V3 has been the go to trucks for freestyle dance skaters ever since it was released.

The V3s are produced using our new, proprietary alloy forming process, which utilizes techniques derived from casting, extrusion and forging. This gives the V3 a molecular structure that provides strength far beyond any other cast truck on the market.

Our Wheel Recommendation

 For a good balance wheel between freestyle and dance, the 88wheelco Moonwalkers are the way to go. These wheels are our default choice and are excellent if you are looking to include slides in your moves.

If you are looking towards more freestyle setup, pick the 60mm wheels. This will give you the best weight to freestyle ratio.

For more dance centric and cruising where roll speed is a factor, choose wheels that are 65mm.