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Its here!
The MK SPACE RKP Longboard Truck from our dear friend Lena Meringdal.
Lena is well known for here assortment of super lightweight LDP bracket boards, all made in Netherlands.
The MK Space Truck is the result of Lena and her Misfit team's experience racing multiple ultraskates.

These trucks are developed specifically for long distance skating and pumping!
They are designed to be durable and to withstand super high cycles of LDP pumping without wearing down the hanger's pivot.
The innovative distance spacers will aid you in faster and effortless pumping by varying bushing rebound.

Precisely machined in Germany, the MK Space Truck is not just an ordinarily CNC RKP skateboard truck.
It has many advantages including:

  1. Durable. The MK truck has a special steel pivot that doesn't wear down fast. You can exchange it if it ever wears down. After 2500km the pivot still looks like new! With this you can exchange each part that can wear down and you can skate on this truck for many thousands of km.

  2. High Performing. We developed a way of adjusting the rebound in this MK truck. You can easily adjust rebound from low to high in 3 settings! The Low rebound setting is the setting you have with normal CNC RKP. Medium and High rebound have noticeable more rebound. With the higher rebound you can pump easier and faster!

  3. Reduced risk of kingpin failure! With our 4mm distance spacers the outer ring of the spherical won't hit the kingpin over and over again while pumping. This prevents the spherical from stressing the kingpin. The reason why and where it usually fails. We are still trying to break a kingpin. Pumping hard on them!

*Patent pending

PLEASE NOTE: Bushing shown in product pictures are for illustration purposes only and not included with the mk space truck. Price is for SINGLE TRUCK only.

Watch the full video of Lena giving you a breakdown on he truck.

Technical Specifications

  • 132-152mm width.
  • Spacable in 3 steps
  • 45 degree baseplate
  • 6mm rake
  • Double spherical

This truck contains:

  • Hanger with spherical, steel pivot and axles
  • Baseplate with spherical and kingpin
  • 2x 4mm distance spacers
  • 2x 2mm distance spacers
  • 4x 2mm washers