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Introducing the all-new Precision Caliber III with adjustable hangers from 125mm and the option to space it up to 135mm! These trucks are the secret sauce for those serious about shredding performance without giving their wallet a workout. Perfect for downhill enthusiasts who want to join the small-truck revolution without maxing out their credit cards.

But wait, there's more! These bad boys are not just about bombing hills—they've got the moves for long-distance push pumping (LDP) too! Set them up with any bracket board for long rides or get them mounted on a top-mount board for some slalom fun! By simply removing the  baseplate shim, you can switch up the boardside bushings from standard size to tall bushings giving you that extra urethane to help with rebound while throwing down those cool looking pumps.

These trucks have been tested over the last 18 months by some of the fastest riders in the world. They even earned a 6th place finish at a World Championship race, beating out most competing truck brands. Made with pre-hardened 6061-T6 aluminium billet, down to 0.01mm tolerances, and finished with machined & self-lubricating Delrin pivots, 4140 hardened high-strength axles, a tuned bushing setup stock, these trucks are some of the best money can buy.

NOTE: Price is for single truck.