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Shrooms, Plugs and Dramelling Bushings

Shrooms, Plugs and Dramelling Bushings

One of the services we are particularly proud of is offering the possibility to shape bushings to fit longboard trucks and LDP components.

At our shop, we are able to offer the following shapes

1) TTX shrooms. Shrooms are plugs that fit the TTX in place of spherical bearings as show in the picture below.

2) Plug Bushings. Plug bushings can fit all forms of trucks including caliber cast, caliber precision, Pantheon latest TKP and bear trucks.

Here is a example of a plug bushing we made for Pantheon's TKP trucks.

3) Dramelling bushings. If you run your bushings on trucks or LDP components with sphercial bearings in the hangers, then the best way to ensure that the bearings can freely rotate is to ensure your bushings are dramelled. With drammelled indentation, your spherical bearing will be able to rotate freely without getting caught in the bushing; something you don't want happening when you are heading down a slope or making turns.

To get your bushings shaped for plugs and shrooms, you can click on any of the tall barrel products from Seismic or Riptide APS and Riptide Kranks.

Dramel options are available in available bushing shapes like barrel, cones and fatcones.