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Designed for speed freaks, the Rocket V3 Longboard Deck from Zenit Boards is the go to race-ready deck. The concave design locks your tuck in and cradle your feet for freeride.

Its sophisticated construction makes it predictable and super responsive in any given situation, whether you’ll be throwing big slides or ripping hairpins in the mountains. The Rocket will always be the answer.

The multiple wheelbase options allow you to set up your trucks where you want. Even if you want a small setup for technical standup slides or long wheelbase for high speeds, this board will cater to your needs.


  • Height - 34.5" (87.6cm)
  • Width - 9.875" (25cm)
  • Wheelbase - 19.75" to 28" (50cm to 70.9cm)


    For 2018, Zenit centered the concave on the Rocket. This makes the concave more comfortable for freeride foot placement. The flares feel more mellowed out, but will still stay snug on your feet for tucking and predrifting.

    The Rocket V3 weighs 4.2lb (1.9kg) and is suited for people up to 320 pounds (145kg).