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The Seed is designed for high speed downhill, gripping hard corners, and pumping in HS or GS slalom. The world has caught on with the slalom downhill board craze, and the race podiums of the 2019 downhill race season made it clear that smaller wheelbases and skinnier trucks were capable of hitting lines that other setups just weren’t. While slalom setups have been dominating grip’n’rip downhill courses like Maryhill Festival of Speed for years, only in the most recent year or two have they started showing up at other, more technical races–and winning.

So whats in the updated Seed 2020?
The new 2020 Seeds are an entirely new construction process. They significantly more durable and affordable compared to the older carbon models! The bonds are tighter, the core material is harder and tougher, the urethane rail wraps all the way around the deck, and the composite layers are way stronger. Overall, the deck feels stiffer and heavier than the carbon, and it does a hell of a lot better job at sucking up road vibration.

The bottom line is that this type of setup is a ton of fun. Enhanced control and grip have the ability to be maximized on such a setup, and the razor thin edge of control on a board like this is exhilarating to ride!


Length – 32.5″
Width – 9.3125″
Wheelbase – 20.25-22.75″
Tail Angle – 7.5 degrees