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You only need to step on a pantheon ember to understand why so many new longboarders are raving about the pantheon ember.

The deck comes with a 3/4" double drop and 7-ply maple. The deck hugs the ground lower compared to other top mount cruisers which means you spend less energy pushing allowing you to go further and faster. For the beginners, you spend less time micro-balancing on the ember which means more fun time vs muscle memory training time.

The setup up comes with a Paris v3 TKP truck. Don't be fooled by this truck, its the perfect truck for this setup due to the combination of its bushing and turning radius. Which means you seismic 85mm wheels goes into max turning radius that never results in wheel bites. These sesmic speed vents will also allow you to roll over most seeds, stones and gravel you will encounter and no more wheels getting caught in those nasty pavement cracks.


Deck: Pantheon Ember 7-Ply Sacrifice Graphic pre-gripped

Trucks: Paris v3 TKP 149mm

Bearings: Luxe Bearings

Wheels: 85mm Seismic Speed Vents Mango