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The Seismic encore wheels are the first wheels designed to withstand the rigors of modern Freestyle and Dance longboarding. They are also excellent wheels for technical freeriders.

Finely-tuned height and width with beefy, well-radiused edges, these wheels are exceptionally tough and durable; highly-optimized to withstand the extreme impacts of big Longboard Freestyle jumps. They are unusually light for a wheel this size, with mass highly concentrated in the tire for enhanced momentum and angular balance.

Machine-grounded running surface means near-instant break-in, consistent grip and easy slides from the get-go! The urethane is molded around seismic trimmed EC core, the largest and most supportive hub for freestyle / dance longboarding. The bearing supports are thick and almost unbreakable able to withstand rough landings while you focus on getting the trick right.

Technical Specification

  • 32mm machine-ground running surface
  • Centerset bearing seat
  • Double Radius Profile
  • 3.875oz each
  • Sold in sets of 4 wheels (109g each)