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The original Pantheon Scoot Longboard deck has been revamped more times than any other deck in our lineup and it has historically been our most popular downhill board since it started to catch steam after its original release in 2016. It is the most aggressive of any of the downhill boards in our lineup in terms of features and concave, with intense but ergonomic micro drops, a tapered concave from the front to the back, and rear W-concave.

We renamed this deck as the CHiller after the skater who has been pushing its limits to the max, sometimes beyond what we even thought was possible! Chase Hiller with a standup topside pendy, anyone? The CHiller Pro deck and mold has been one of the most epic shapes we’ve ever created, and for 2020, we have combined a classic maple construction with fiberglass for a deck that is torsionally race-stiff and ready to perform that also doesn’t break the bank.

Technical Specifications

Length: 36.3″
Width: 9.6″
Wheelbase: 24.25-26.25″
Drop: .375″ Modified Crescent