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Looking for more options to build your own custom complete Loaded x Pantheon Trip Collab? Here are some recommended options we believe will enhance your longboarding experience with the Trip Collab.

How to choose trucks and wheels?

If you are looking to skate the Trip as recommended by Pantheon Longboards, we recommend you choose the 150mm Paris trucks for a compact, sleek LDP setup.

If you are looking for a slightly more carvier setup, than going with the 165mm Paris trucks will be the way to go.

For maximum comfort, get those 88WheelCo McFlys, Seismic speed vents clear blues and bubble gum pink.

For performance, we recommend the Seismic speed vents purple, mango and mint.


1) If you require more information on the Trip Collab deck, please click here.

2) Your custom Trip Collab Complete will come pre-built with Pantheon built-in bearings (or equivalent) and button head stainless steel hardwares.

3) Custom built comes assembled.

4) Our custom setups DO NOT come with risers. This is on purpose so you can run those massive McFlys and Speed Vents as close to the board as possible without running into biting issues.